Happy Seafarers’ Day

On Seafarers’ Day we want to pay tribute to this group of workers, people who play an essential role in the global economy.  At SOLMED Alliance we provide facilities management services on vessels and offshore units and are aware of the work these people develop.

Our work in these types of facilities is fundamental for them to be able to carry out their activity and, for this reason, we assume a firm commitment to service and innovation, guaranteeing the availability of all our human and logistical potential so that our clients’ projects are a success.  In the offshore units we provide services of: catering, housekeeping, hotel, event organization, cleaning, laundry, supply, waste management, pest control, maintenance and crew management.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our operations have been uninterrupted.  In addition, we have strengthened and adopted new safety measures to ensure the health of all our employees and customers.  At this stage we have once again given our best, the best of each of the people working at SOLMED Alliance, to ensure safety first and foremost, and we have also provided our customers with top quality services to make them feel at home when they are working in remote areas hundreds of kilometers away.