Honorable retirement at SOLMED Alliance

Since starting his career in our company, Harry Topp has shown great professionalism and dedication. In such a way, SOLMED Alliance wants to recognize the work of a great, committed, responsible and honest employee.

As a Camp Boss, he had the opportunity to represent Solmed Alliance and to offer premium catering services in many countries around the world, especially in the African continent: Angola, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea, among others.

From his outstanding virtues, we can appreciate the great ability to adapt himself to many circumstances, facing challenges and overcoming goals. For such a reason, clients as Ocean Rig, MEGI and Seadrill have been able to assess the professionalism and experience of this great companion who has been part of the SOLMED Alliance team for fourteen years.

Satisfaction, pride and melancholy

Time to pass the baton has come, but with the satisfaction of leaving an unforgettable mark on all those who had the opportunity to learn and share unique moments with him.

SOLMED Alliance wants to pay tribute to him for his effort and dedication, for his service to the client and for guaranteeing the safety of the team.

He has traveled constantly in the hands of a large corporation and has always fulfilled objectives set. As an area manager, he has developed in depth his facet of leader, strictly complying with established protocols and demonstrating human quality of a great person.

Harry Topp has always known how to combine work with companionship and has created strong bonds that will last over time.

The SOLMED Alliance team wishes you much enjoyment in this new stage.