Sustainability and gastronomy

Gastronomy is the art of preparing good food, it is the cooking style of a region, culture and diversity, and it is present all over the world. To implement sustainability in gastronomy, it is necessary to consider the origin of food, natural resources that have been used to produce it, its transport to markets, and the way in which products are prepared in the kitchen.

At SOLMED Alliance we carry out good practices in our food supply chain, as well as for its preparation. We comply with the most demanding quality and safety standards to prepare varied and nutritious menus with fresh, local, and seasonal products. In this way we support the producers and markets of the regions in which we work to promote their economic development.

In addition, we optimize the resources used for food transport, and for its preparation and we try to reduce waste as much as possible because the good practices of the present are the future and when food is thrown away, the resources used for its production have also been wasted. At SOLMED Alliance we work for a better future.