Protect the Earth

We live on Earth and feed from it, taking care of the planet is everyone’s responsibility!

The environment is life

Raising awareness about caring for the environment and carrying out daily actions that help take care of it is an essential task to restore the damage caused to the planet. At SOLMED Alliance we have the need to optimize natural resources, that is why we try to educate our employees and customers about the consumption […]

Taking care of the environment

At SOLMED Alliance we continue to be committed to reducing environmental impact and optimising resources.  The reduction of paper and water consumption are gestures that we emphasise in the company and, in this sense, we make our employees aware so that both at work and in their day-to-day, they try to manage the resources that nature […]

Preserve the Earth

Taking care of the environment is part of our corporate mission. That is why among our services we provide integral solutions for sustainable waste management. We have an exclusive patented technology capable of treating waste in industries, camps, municipalities and cities, as well as specific solutions for the maritime industry. We protect the environment and […]