The key in food safety

At each stage of the food chain, the implementation of adequate safety and hygiene measures is essential to ensure food safety. At SOLMED Alliance we take care of the entire food process from storage, distribution, preparation and consumption to ensure the health of our customers and employees.

On World Food Safety Day, we joined this initiative, as a company that offers catering and food services we want to highlight the importance of correct treatment throughout the food-related process. SOLMED Alliance offers services in various sectors ranging from children to the elderly, and in several facilities located both in large cities and in remote locations.  In addition, we apply exhaustive quality controls and follow the international ISO standards, in which we have been certified by the prestigious entity Det Norske VERITAS.

Any food safety incident can adversely affect health on various scales, and even disrupt the global economy in serious cases.  In view of the above, we consider food safety to be of vital importance and, as those responsible for part of the process, we make sure that preventive controls and analyses are developed to take care of all those who consume our products.

Food safety is a responsibility shared by all those involved in the process, from governments, food industries, producers and consumers.  At SOLMED Alliance, safety comes first to ensure, first and foremost, the health of our consumers.