Social Responsibility

At SOLMED Alliance we have a mission to make a positive contribution in each and every place where we operate.

Personal and professional

Thanks to our international presence and our range of services, we are able to provide employment opportunities and improve the quality of life wherever we go. From the training of professionals, to the close collaboration with local entities and the improvement of services and infrastructures.

Supporting our employees and their families

We focus on improving the quality of life of our employees and their families. That is why we guarantee decent working conditions, as well as always providing opportunities for improvement for those professionals seeking to build their careers with SOLMED Alliance.



We train local professionals so that they can make a positive contribution to their community


We facilitate internationalisation by opening our selection processes to candidates of any nationality.



Our contribution to the local communities in which we develop our work is summarized in: Training professionals, transmitting knowledge and transferring technology.


At SOLMED Alliance we are convinced that the only way to achieve a better future is through a sustainable and environmentally friendly present.

In addition to various sustainable waste management services, we actively work to ensure that our activities are carried out in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner.