We provide logistical support to the military, guaranteeing a safe and reliable logistics chain under the most demanding conditions.

We adapt our services and specifically train our professionals to comply with all the security requirements, and guarantee the professionalism and attention required in this sector.


Logistical support to the military

In a sector as critical as the defence sector, at SOLMED Alliance we understand the need to rely on a partner with the necessary capacity to execute error-free management.

We offer specific solutions for the proper functioning of the various defence units. In addition, we have advanced food storage and preservation techniques to ensure the highest quality and proper nutrition.


We take care of you in the most demanding places

Our Logistics Support Centre (LSC) is responsible for coordinating with each of our operating units around the world. Thanks to this logistics network, we are able to execute the full management of any type of installation, even in the most demanding locations.

We coordinate transport, logistics management and the provision of all types of supplies, as well as providing catering, cleaning and machinery repair services,

The more demanding the environment, the better we have to take care of the professionals who work in it. For example, our chefs select top quality products and prepare healthy, nutritious menus adapted to your tastes and requirements.

Our premise is always the same: to make every member of staff feel comfortable, safe and a little closer to home.

Through our Logistics Support Centre we provide you with the following services: