In healthcare, empathy is everything. At SOLMED Alliance our mission is to create and manage environments where your patients and professionals feel safe and secure with the attention and care they deserve.


We create and manage medical environments designed to improve the quality of life of your patients.

In an industry where patient safety and comfort are essential, at SOLMED Alliance we understand your needs and provide tailor-made solutions to meet them.


We share your commitment
to the wellbeing of your patients

Our portfolio of services is designed to cover any need that may arise. In addition, each and every one of our professionals working in the healthcare area is in continuous training and always follows the latest guidelines in terms of hygiene and safety.

We seek to make a positive impact on the healthcare sector for both the patient and the professional, so each employee approaches their task from an empathetic, caring and attention to detail perspective.

Food service

We contribute to the health of your patients
through a healthy diet

A healthy diet is one of the most beneficial habits, and in the healthcare sector represents a key factor in ensuring the health and positive evolution of patients.

We are experts in food services for hospitals, short-stay centres and, in general, for patients who require clinically adapted menus for their conditions.

At SOLMED Alliance, our team of chefs and nutritionists work continuously with our healthcare partners to create and adapt varied, attractive and, above all, healthy menus. In addition, we work with top-tier suppliers who serve us only the best quality ingredients, and we apply the necessary techniques to ensure that each dish retains its full flavour and nutritional properties.

Cleaning and disinfection services

We work to create safe environments
for your patients and professionals.

Cumplimos con los más exigentes estándares de higiene y seguridad en el ámbito sanitario, donde aplicamos las técnicas más avanzadas en limpieza y desinfección. En cada una de las instalaciones que gestionamos nuestros profesionales aplican protocolos especialmente diseñados para garantizar siempre el mismo nivel de seguridad.

En un centro sanitario, mejorar los tiempos de espera y la eficiencia se traduce en una mejor atención al paciente. Para ello, trabajamos estrechamente con la dirección del centro y sus trabajadores para minimizar los tiempos de espera entre pacientes. De esta manera, conseguimos una experiencia mucho más positiva para cada individuo implicado en el proceso.