Waste management

At SOLMED Alliance we are very clear that making a responsible and sustainable use of our waste is key to caring for the planet. That is why we offer a wide range of waste management services, always from the perspective of respect for the environment.

Our philosophy is clear: to apply the latest waste treatment technologies to optimise the reuse of waste.

We aim to have a positive impact on the environment and, in doing so, our number one priority is to make sustainable use of the waste we manage.

The goal: 0% landfill waste

Thanks to the patented green technology we use at Solmed Alliance, we are able to convert waste into waste-derived fuel. The process also uses no chemicals, combustion, microwaves or pressure and produces no emissions. The following certification: ISO 9001 NATO AH649, RINA, M.O.G.C. 231, APHIS y APHA verify the effectiveness of this innovative treatment process. After the process, the waste can be stored for up to 90 days without odour, without leaching and fully pasteurised without refrigeration and with less volume and weight.
Innovation for sustainability

Waste treatment: directly at source

Infectious hospital waste
H Series

Hospitals, Clinics, Treatment Centres, Laboratories, Waste Management Centres

Municipal solid waste
MO Series

Restaurants, hotels, bars, residences, homes, resorts, shopping centres, airports, customs, ports, construction sites, markets, industries and onshore.

On-site treatment
MOB Series

Military bases, humanitarian camps, field hospitals, airports, customs, ports, resorts, construction sites, onshore, markets, shopping centres, industry.

Offshore treatment
NV Series

Private yachts, offshore platforms, merchant ships, cruise ships, oil tankers, ferries, military vessels

Waste characteristics

The equipment transforms waste into a reusable material by transforming a hazardous waste into a product with the LER Code: (European Waste List) 19.12.10 – 20.03.01.



Servicios de gestión y tratamiento de residuos

We protect you and the environment

We have everything you need for comprehensive waste management: transport, storage, treatment and recovery of waste, as well as the reuse of raw materials, and the final disposal of waste in a controlled and safe manner. We also offer a wide range of high added value industrial cleaning services.

In addition, SOLMED Alliance offers complete urban cleaning services. Our projects are based on our own experience in managing camps, municipalities and cities of between 3,000 and 1,500,000 inhabitants, with routes covering areas of 300 km2/day. We are able to handle an average waste collection volume of 1,800 tonnes.