Laundry & Janitorial

At SOLMED Alliance we understand the importance of living and working in a clean, safe and welcoming environment. Each and every one of our cleaning and laundry staff aims to treat each facility as if it were their own home.


Clean, safe and comfortable environments

We offer comprehensive cleaning and laundry solutions for all types of environments and facilities. We have strict analysis and cleaning protocols and apply the most advanced disinfection and sanitisation methods. All of this with the aim that every day your team can enjoy your facilities as if it were the first.

Cleaning and laundry services

Caring for a place is caring
for the people who live and work in it.

Our cleaning and laundry teams treat all the facilities we manage with special care. We service professionals, guests and users in the same way: by making their stay and the use of the facilities always a great experience.

Our cleaning, laundry and disinfection area is prepared to meet the strictest protocols in existence. This is the only way we can guarantee a 100% safe environment while maintaining the same level of quality on a daily basis.

Featured industries

Specialised in you


Onshore y Offshore​

We have the expertise to work in the most remote and demanding locations to ensure clean and pleasant onshore and offshore environments. We look after your team on a daily basis to make sure they get the restful experience they deserve.



We provide sanitisation and disinfection services for healthcare and hospital environments. We apply the most rigorous protocols, always with the aim of providing safe and pathogen-free environments for both professionals and patients.


Corporations and Industry

We are your partner with whom you can outsource your cleaning needs. We work daily in a wide range of sectors and industries and therefore we are able to adapt to your needs.

Global reach

We take care of your environment, your facilities
and your staff wherever you need us.