Sports and leisure

We work to positively contribute to the development of athletes: we provide healthy and nutritious menus and manage and maintain the facilities in which they train. At SOLMED Alliance we are always looking to create the optimum environment for each athlete to be able to perform at their best every day.

Sports and Leisure

We take care of everything so you can
unleash the potential of your athletes.

Years of experience in multiple sectors and countless projects provide us with the necessary expertise to comprehensively manage any sports and high-performance facilities.

We provide a series of services designed to satisfy any need that may arise in a quick and efficient manner. Our philosophy is to focus all our attention on the athletes so that, when the time comes, they have the necessary resources to make a difference.

Food services

We create healthy and nutritious menus that support the activity of your athletes.

Our team of chefs and nutritionists work together with the centre’s teaching staff to prepare menus that supply all the necessary nutrients for the correct development and activity of the students. In addition, we seek to prepare delicious and varied dishes, by only choosing top-quality ingredients on a daily basis.

Maintenance services

Hassle-free facilities maintenance

We carry out the end-to-end maintenance of the facilities, applying preventive, conductive and corrective maintenance policies to ensure that the equipment is in good working order.

Our staff work daily to ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that both professionals and athletes can focus on the development of their activity.

Event and leisure management

We take care of everything
to make your event unforgettable

SOLMED Alliance has the necessary structure to successfully carry out any type of event. Through our Logistics Support Centre (LSC), we coordinate the procurement and transport of supplies and equipment.

Our goal is that everything runs smoothly. We manage spaces where every day thousands of people live unique and unforgettable experiences and where artists, athletes and professionals can play their role and develop their full potential.

VIP Events

We can organise any type of event: from conferences, seminars or any type of leisure event. Thanks to our logistical supply chain and our extensive experience, we are able to adapt our portfolio of solutions to any venue, size and audience.


We provide surveillance and security services to individuals and infrastructures. Our professionals have the required training and stand out for their attention and discretion, always providing an efficient service free of unexpected circumstances.