Transport and logistics

Since our beginnings, at SOLMED Alliance we have built up an international network of offices and warehouses that form a solid transport and logistics platform. We are able to integrate and coordinate international operations with local distribution.

Through our “Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Quality of Service” we fulfil our commitment to you to provide you with a guaranteed service.

Our operational control allows us to provide you with the solution you need, anywhere, anytime.


The most efficient fleet of specialised containers
onshore and offshore

We have one of the largest fleets of special 10′ containers destined for remote and offshore areas. This, coupled with our network of warehouses and links, enables us to provide you with logistical support where, when and how you need us.

Transport and logistics services

Our Logistics Support Centre is the heart from which we reach out to the world

Para poder llegar a todo el mundo a tiempo y cumpliendo con todas las garantías de calidad, en SOLMED Alliance contamos con nuestro Centro de Soporte Logístico (CSL) desde el que coordinamos toda nuestra actividad a nivel internacional.

From our headquarters we are in charge of communicating with the operational units, with which we manage both our internal operations and those in which you need us to provide our services.

Comprehensive care and service

We take care of the whole process

In order to provide you with a “door-to-door” service, we have developed a whole range of services related to logistics services.