Pest control and Landscaping

At SOLMED Alliance we take care of your green areas, carrying out the management and maintenance of your gardens and outdoor spaces so that you can enjoy your own place of peace and nature.

Our landscaping and pest control professionals are qualified to carry out the creation, maintenance, conservation, garden cleaning and pest control tasks. In addition, we use techniques and products that respect both people and the environment.


We create and maintain enjoyable environments

There are many advantages to having green spaces in your facilities and workspaces. A well maintained garden can improve air quality, and provide temperature and humidity control. It can also contribute to improving your team’s stress and anxiety levels.

Therefore, having professionals that you can trust with the proper maintenance of your green areas is essential, so that you can enjoy a space of nature every day.

Landscaping and pest control services

Healthy, aesthetic and well-kept spaces in compliance with international standards

In addition to maintenance, our professionals seek to improve each and every one of the spaces to uncover their full potential. We carry out landscaping tasks and create spaces where aesthetics and nature are in balance.