Remote sites

At SOLMED Alliance we have been providing services to the petrochemical industry for many years. We are able to anticipate your needs and offer you tailor-made solutions.
At Solmed Alliance, we strive every day to provide the best service and to fulfill the needs of our clients. We employ highly trained professionals to work in remote areas while providing a comfortable and safe environment. We improve people’s quality of life and work while making them feel a little closer to home.

End-to-end service for your equipment

We provide a one-stop solution that covers the needs of remote workers. We offer a wide range of services: catering, cleaning and disinfection, laundry, transport and logistics, maintenance, waste management, modular construction, security, equipment and crew management.

Our services meet strict global standards and are designed to ensure efficiency, performance and balance in all areas. All our services are based on our quality and safety policy and we conduct in-house training courses to ensure that our employees’ knowledge is updated and continuously improved.

We cater to all your needs so that your teams can work with peace of mind and confidence anywhere, onshore or offshore.

Onshore & Offshore

At Solmed Alliance we go further in the well-being of offshore crews.

We provide a full range of services that always seek to add value to each and every crew member. In each and every one of our facility management solutions, we always prioritise the safety and comfort of all workers, meeting the highest standards at all times.

Our work philosophy

Nutritious, high-quality and customised.

At Solmed Alliance, we rely on a dedicated team of professionals, including chefs and nutritionists, who work daily to create customised menus that suit the needs and tastes of the crew. In addition, we are committed to promoting sustainable ways to help reduce food waste through innovative and effective initiatives.

In short, our mission is to provide nutritious and tasty food that contributes to the health and well-being of the crew, while minimising environmental impact.

Reducing our enviromental footprint.

At Solmed Alliance we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our activities. We have therefore worked on initiatives such as offering menus with a lower environmental impact, optimising our logistics chains and energy management services or purchasing products responsibly and locally. Our aim is to make a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the quality of life of each individual.

Full support

Our Logistics Support Centre makes sure we get to you wherever, whenever and however you need us.

At SOLMED Alliance we run a number of logistics centres and warehouses around the world. Our Logistics Support Centre (LSC) is in constant communication with our operational units, anticipating any need and providing you with immediate support in the following services: