VIP Events

At SOLMED Alliance we organise any type of VIP event, always with the utmost professionalism, discretion and the highest attention to detail.

We organise any type of event or celebration, regardless of the type of industry. From corporate events, conferences, sports and leisure activities…

Our experience and operational capacity allows us to provide total flexibility to our services and adapt to the special needs and requirements of our clients.


Your all-in-one partner

We provide a range of end-to-end solutions, capable of addressing any of the needs arising from the organisation of an event. This way we become your sole partner, saving you time and costs and guaranteeing perfect coordination between each of the teams working to ensure that your event goes perfectly.

Event organisation services

Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences
for you and your people

We work closely with our clients on every project to achieve a shared vision between their team and ours. We work to help you connect with your people, make a positive impact and build unforgettable shared experiences.

At SOLMED Alliance we take care of all logistical aspects, coordinating the timing, materials and requirements that each of our teams manage internally. Thanks to our Logistics Support Centre (LSC) we are able to deliver your message anywhere, no matter where, when and how.