At SOLMED Alliance we work so that you can develop your activity with peace of mind, knowing that both your equipment and your infrastructures are protected.


Surveillance, protection and security.

We provide a full range of services dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of both your workers and the infrastructures in which you carry out your activities.

To this end, at SOLMED Alliance we design and implement security protocols adapted to your sector or activity. We always seek maximum efficiency, especially in hostile environments or critical infrastructures.

Security services

We provide safe environments so that you can carry out your activity without worrying about anything.

At SOLMED Alliance we strive to ensure that our surveillance and security tasks are carried out with the minimum impact on your daily activity. That is why our professionals carry out their work with the utmost discretion and respect, and use the latest technologies available.

In addition, our work in a multitude of industries makes us knowledgeable about the specific requirements of your sector, and our international experience allows us to go where, when and how you need us.