We work daily to make lunchtime a happy and healthy experience, designing menus that promote healthy lifestyles. In addition, we take care of the facilities that year after year will see the new generations that shape our society thrive and grow.


We support your students
in their growth

For a student, school is almost like a second home, so at SOLMED Alliance we make sure that every individual feels like home.


We improve the lives of your students
to create a better future

We provide a wide range of services for educational centres of all ages, as well as for universities and vocational schools.

We strive to be your reliable partner with whom you can outsource the management of your facilities, so you can focus on what is really important: taking care of the students who will be our future.

Catering services

We take care of your students' nutrition
at every stage of their growth.

A balanced diet is essential for healthy and happy children. Every day we select top quality ingredients from our local suppliers and our team of chefs and nutritionists prepare rich and nutritious menus, which also support the physical and cognitive development of the pupils.

Our capacity and experience in a wide range of sectors allows us to adapt to the needs of each centre. We adapt our preparation and preservation techniques and methods to maintain all the nutritional properties as well as the flavour.

End-to-end Services

We take care of your facilities
so that the education of your students is your top priority.

As a provider of end-to-end solutions, at SOLMED Alliance we take care of all the needs that your educational centre may require. In addition to catering, we offer maintenance, cleaning and security solutions. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary services so that you can outsource all your needs to a single partner.

We apply the most rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols to establish safe and pleasant environments for both students and teachers, and we ensure that the facilities are in perfect condition for teaching to take place without interruption.

Management areas