SOLMED Alliance renews its corporate image

SOLMED Alliance continues to bet on innovation. Framed on this constant evolution, the firm has refurbished its corporate image, presenting a new logo, well defined and full of visual strength, continuing to promote the team’s energy and the essence of a tangible trajectory as well as the values that define SOLMED Alliance.


This subtle but impacting change in our corporate image, led by the elegance of the new logo, entails the constant effort by SOLMED Alliance to move forward and adapt to the new changes existing in society. The image transmits the effort of constant learning, attention and passion for detail and constant motivation from the whole team to overcome challenges during its well-established trajectory.


The company,  specialized in Facility Management services, aims to reflect the investment that the company commits every year in human capital, security, innovation and development. The company continues to grow along the cycle, but maintains the unity amongst the team, which is fully consolidated and coordinated internationally.


The image of this logo is precise and overwhelming, reflecting the compromise and strength of SOLMED Alliance.