SOLMED Alliance Supports Social Programs

SOLMED Alliance promotes social development and improvement of life conditions for the inhabitants of the areas where it operates. The company works worldwide and in remote areas, where the aid is more important due to local communities’ difficulties in getting basics needs.

The company, in collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGO), helps the less privileged by direct help to the orphanages and hospitals. Since its establishment, SOLMED Alliance has been supporting these institutions through donations of different nature such as medicines, healthcare materials, food and equipment improving their quality of life, especially for children.

SOLMED Alliance also works with school communities to support alphabetization programs and encouraging the youth to improve their aptitudes and preferences in continuing with higher education. As Mr. Hall, Area Manager in Africa affirms “we work closely with local communities supporting sporting organizations, healthcare, pediatric care and orphanages to improve their quality of life”.

Furthermore, SOLMED Alliance training programs develop a professional and safety culture for our employees, which contribute to their work, and the economic growth of their families and countries. With their talent and attitude, they promote a better society and cultivate values that define SOLMED Alliance. Likewise, the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families is central to the company´s care philosophy, which results in a general improvement in local communities in our operational zones, as well as for our people.

Sports are another area that SOLMED Alliance supports, sponsoring sporting organizations and popular marathons. With these activities, the company offers local sport players the possibility to develop their talent and increase the interest in practicing sport.

SOLMED Alliance works hand in hand with government and non-governmental organizations to approach solutions and programs that will benefit the local communities.